EoC & PoC Solution

Acorid PoC/EoC provides an attractive option for end users who would like to switch to network cameras or add network cameras to their existing surveillance system without overhauling the entire initial investment, because the network cameras can be integrated into existing coaxial cables. As the majority of analog cameras were installed using coaxial cables, thus end users can upgrade to network cameras without having to reinstall cables.


EoC allows legacy coax to be redeployed as part of an upgrade/migration to PoE cameras and devices. This technology and transmission method saves on investment as newly installed cabling is not required, quickens installation time, and reduces facility disruption during the migration. In this sense, it allows migration from analog systems to network systems at the end-user's pace and budget.


Application Diagram:   

1. EoC with PoE function



2. EoC without PoE function